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   1      INT. HOSPITAL - DAY                                        1     
          ELENA’S (sickly) face lies dormant and peaceful      
          as she rests on a hospital bed.                                  
          DR.VON COSEL puts a ring on Elena’s finger as she lies           
          asleep on a hospital bed. He dons his medical attire             
          complete with stethoscope. He begins to feel around Elena’s      
          breasts with the stethoscope when she awakens and recoils        
          from him. Von Cosel steps back and is happy to see her           
          Elena looks at her finger and pulls off the ring to offer it     
          kindly back to Von Cosel while nodding her head.                 
          Von Cosel refuses to take the ring back and Elena tosses the     
          ring at him. In her anger she begins to heave and cough          
          uncontrollably. She coughs up a lot of blood as Von Cosel        
          Elena dies on the bed.                                           
          Von Cosel contorts on the floor in agony.                        
   2      EXT. ELENA’S TOMB - NIGHT                                  2     
          Elena lays dead in her coffin. Dr.Von Cosel holds her death      
          mask in his hands as he stands at the head of her coffin.        
          Elena’s family stands by the head of her coffin also.            
   3      INT. CARL’S HOME - NIGHT                                   3     
          Dr.Von Cosel stares at a painting of Elena on a shelf next       
          to her death mask. Candles light the area around the             
          painting bouncing shadows on the wall and on his face. He        
          walks to the shelf and picks up the death mask.                  
          Dr.Von Cosel cries and falls to his knees on the floor. He       
          contorts on the ground and when he looks back up at the          
          painting he finds that the ghost of Elena has come out of        
          the painting. He looks up at her in amazement and manic          
          glee. She points for him to go. He looks toward the side of      
          where she points longingly. He looks back at her and nods as     
          he reaches for her gown but she disappears.                      
          He sinks his head back to the floor and then decides to          
          hurriedly go off screen.                                         

   4      EXT. ELENA’S TOMB - NIGHT                                  4     
          A picture of Elena is on the wall of a mausoleum along with      
          the dates "1909 - 1931." A shadow moves along the wall and       
          over the picture.                                                
          Von Cosel drags Elena’s coffin across the mausoleum.             
   5      EXT. FIELD - NIGHT                                         5     
          Dr.Von Cosel drags a coffin across the field in silhouette.      
   6      INT. CARL’S HOME - NIGHT                                   6     
          DVC prepares materials that include silk and wax.                
          DVC places silk and wax on the carcass face of Elena.            
          DVC places glass eyes into the carcass face of Elena.            
          DVC has reconstructed Elena’s face. Dr.Von Cosel sits at a       
          work bench. He polishes a glass tube.                            
   7      INT. CARL’S HOME - NIGHT                                   7     
          Dr.Von Cosel walks up to Elena’s carcass and methodically        
          inserts the vaginal tube into her pubic area. He moves on to     
          lubricate the vaginal tube with a gelatinous substance.          
          Dr.Von Cosel walks away from the corpse and out of the           
          Dr.Von Cosel walks back into the frame revealing his naked       
          back that emphasizes his aged and insect-like demeanor.          
          Dr. Von Cosel mounts the corpse and begins to figure out a       
          proper way to mount it to perform sex. (Strange camera           
          angles expose the act in an insect-like fashion)                 
          Close up of Von Cosel’s pleasure.                                
          Close up of Elena’s corpse face. Her skin and face reform        
          and materialize into her young and vibrant face.                 


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