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chronology of a moving image...

Vignette :: UFO

The UFO is now built and the first takes have rolled on Gus Aviles’ vignette featuring a con artist who creates a video about a false UFO encounter. Some secrets of the trade have to be kept under wraps, but Emilio Remior’s engineering of the UFO model has overtaken the challenge to land the project within budget. The team observed hours of UFO hoaxes and reviewed archival photography of debunked and indiscernible photos considered to make up the history of the UFO phenomenon throughout the U.S. and abroad. “The idea I’m going for here has to do with many aspects of perception. The piece will offer a multiverse feel to the surreal UFO depicted in the main character’s hoax video. For this, I prepped three cinematographers with four different cameras and film dimensions (8mm, 16mm, 35mm, and, for safety, digital HD). Technique will also vary . . . in the editing room, the goal will be to splice a multiverse perspective on the UFO appearing about in the skies.” -Gus Aviles, director

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